The Adventures


Little Yogi Adventures, are rhyming yoga stories centred around themes found in the Natural World.

The Jungle Story is our first adventure and The Deep Blue is the one we are currently on!

What you will find in amongst The Jungle:


  • A rhyming yoga story which flows from one movement to another in a graceful sequence of standing postures, forward and back bends and a mild inversion. All of which help to keep the body  strong and balanced.
  • Little Yogi Stickymen  guide the way at the bottom of each page and then in their own glory at the back of the book – with the full sequence outlined with guidance notes.
  • An introduction to focusing on the breath ( Pranayama) through ‘Balloon Breath’.
  • A little relaxation practise at the end of the story; time to look inward and rest through a short meditation.


I have found an enjoyable way to teach children yoga is through story and pictures; when children have the pictures they have independence in their movement, and when they have a story, they create flow between one movement to another – a beautiful sequence in which they are completely absorbed.

 When you add rhyme to the mix, what you have is a story which rolls off the tongue and an opportunity to take your story anywhere…even into the land of nonsense if you like (as Spike Milligan will tell you). Children follow rhyme with an anticipation of what words might come next, so why not make it something that will make them giggle?! Something that will make them giggle in amongst a more profound message; the message being in the Jungle Story that our world is a beautiful place, one that deserves exploring, one that deserves our appreciation, care, and our awe. 

Anita’s art expresses this beautifully, the illustrations alone tell a story all by themselves. Upon each reading of the book, the little details become more obvious and the love that went into creating them clearer; each illustration hand painted by Anita in watercolour.

 Ultimately, what we would like to see is children introduced to yoga in a fun and inspiring way, to learn through their own journey of how good it can feel to be healthy, happy and relaxed; and to experience this for themselves, so that as they grow into bigger yogis they are aware that to find a little peace, happiness, and strength all they have to do is look inside themselves. 


Take an extended meditation with our RAINFOREST JOURNEY: 


Guide your Little Yogis through a 3 Minute Mindful Moment for Minis: 

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Guide yourself through a longer Mindful Moment Here: 

Mindful Moment

About us

We are simply two friends who happen to love poetry and pictures. We talk an awful lot and drink a lot of tea, so to be able to do this more…we needed a project! Our first project – ‘The Jungle Story’ took nearly 2 years to come into full fruition as back in the beginning we were both school teachers – and contrary to belief – it’s not all about the holidays! We were busy. However, so inspiring was The Jungle Story, we met nearly every weekend to do ‘book work’.

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Book Reviews

''I purchased this book for my 2 year old. I decided to take it to our RAF baby group (ages from 6months to 3 years) the children absolutely loved it. The story and yoga positions are easy to follow and the children had a blast. As did the adults joining in. We cannot wait for the next book. Awesome idea. And we'll written and illustrated''
5 stars By Natasha Douglas