The Stickymen at the back of Little Yogi Adventures, are designed to provide children with a daily yoga sequence that can be used with or without the story. The idea is that our Little Yogis begin to ‘flow’ through their little yoga practise, allowing time to rest in each asana and fully appreciate how good it can make them feel. So good perhaps, that they learn their sequence off by heart! All LYA sequences are physically, mentally and physiologically beneficial for young people; the alchemy of asanas encourages strength, stamina, balance, relaxation and harmonisation of the bodily systems. 

 * Please note: Some minor changes have been made to the Jungle Story – any books purchased after January 2014 will have a few subtle differences to the Stickymen. 







About us

We are simply two friends who happen to love poetry and pictures. We talk an awful lot and drink a lot of tea, so to be able to do this more…we needed a project! Our first project – ‘The Jungle Story’ took nearly 2 years to come into full fruition as back in the beginning we were both school teachers – and contrary to belief – it’s not all about the holidays! We were busy. However, so inspiring was The Jungle Story, we met nearly every weekend to do ‘book work’.

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Book Reviews

''I purchased this book for my 2 year old. I decided to take it to our RAF baby group (ages from 6months to 3 years) the children absolutely loved it. The story and yoga positions are easy to follow and the children had a blast. As did the adults joining in. We cannot wait for the next book. Awesome idea. And we'll written and illustrated''
5 stars By Natasha Douglas