3 Minute Mindful Moments for Minis

This childrens’ 3 Minute Mindful Moment is a simplified version if the 3 Minute Mindfulness practise for adults.

Read the Mindful Child Post before continuing.

(The idea is that an adult will learn this and then guide the child)


Minute 1)      

  • Find a quiet spot.  Sit tall, spine long. Close your eyes. Relax your shoulders and take 1 deep breath.  Imagine you could look inside yourself – imagine you have magic glasses that look inward!
  • Listen to your mind……what thoughts are there?  What is your mind ‘chatting about’? (you may or may not have thoughts – both are OK)
  • Now look at your feelings. How do you feel? Can you give this feeling a name? Happy, tired, sad, excited, nervous etc. You don’t have to change anything – just LOOK  – like a detective. 
  • Now look at your body, like your magic glasses can take a moving xray….How does it feel? Slowly look at your head, shoulders, arms, Chest, belly,back, legs and feet – feel any feelings (sensations). Just notice how it feels, you don’t have to change anything. 


Minute 2)

  • Now breathe up from your belly all the way to the top of your lungs. Try not to lift your shoulders. Have a nice straight back. Then float the breath back down to your belly  – nice soft, deep breaths. Breathing like this for 1 minute.

Minute 3) 

  • Now imagine your breath EXPANDS outward as you breath in to reach all your body parts from your Xray. 
  • Let your breath SOOTHE and SOFTEN around all your feelings. Breathing out from the areas that your Xray leads you to the most.


Remember you are not trying to change anything, You are like a really good detective who watches and observes, before he/she jumps into solving anything!

You may feel that your feelings soften a little, you may feel that they don’t. Sometimes we need to do this a few times before we get used to it.

Like a detective – you watch and observe your inner scene so you begin to understand what is going on.

Eventually, we may find that the ‘solving’ is in how we can use our breath and some quiet time to find a little peace when we feel we need it.


If you have feelings and thoughts that you aren’t sure of or even if you just have a little spare time – look inside and just watch.

Your inner detective is a little bit magic – he/she solves it by watching many many times, not really changing anything  – just watching and learning until he knows your mind scene really well!

Parents and Teachers: 

Try this a few times yourself, feel free to mix up the vocabulary.

Most importantly, for you and them, we teach children that WHATEVER they feel is OK. Nothing is right/wrong.

What they feel is completely acceptable and we aren’t going to change that – we can soften into tension though and we can BREATHE with what we are feeling – reducing its hold over us.

We can breathe into Happiness really feeling gratitude for it. We can breathe into sadness, accepting that it is there. We can breathe into stress and by the very nature of breathing with it – we activate our DE -stress response.

Happy investigating life detectives :)




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